We believe in spiritual healing as well as physical and mental well-being. A healthy diet, physical activity & meditation coupled with full engagement in a 12-step program gives the addict their greatest chance at permanent recovery. Recovery requires changing everything, the hardest being leaving all of your friends and sometimes family behind for a while. Serenity Estates makes this transition easier because the addict is surrounded by others in recovery who understand and have been where they are. This is a journey to begin again. Residents will make lasting relationships and gain the tools needed to succeed. 

Residents will be supervised by a Recovery Support Specialist at all times. Each day residents will attend morning meditation, daily 12-step meetings, assist in cooking meals, complete chores, physical activity and any outside treatment. Residents will be involved in weekend activities such as 12-step sponsored events as well as movies, bowling, beach, coffee house, ect. to start learning how to have fun in recovery. 

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